eWhen writing several project proposals within a single program you will notice that there is a similarity in most project proposals. For example, indicators, activities, means of verification and other data will be similar from one project to another within a single program. This expedites the process of writing project proposals and reduces time and effort, while writing the project proposal.

Portal365 provides a set of data examples for the standard programs that you can add directly in your organization's project proposals.

Program data in Portal 365

Portal 365 offers a set of data that each organization can identify for each program:

  1. Project objectives
  2. Project outcomes
  3. Project outputs
  4. Risks, and mitigation measures
  5. Project indicators
  6. Verification methods
  7. Project activities
  8. Monitoring and evaluation activities

Data examples for projects proposals in Portal365 (Activities)

How does Portal 365 add program data?

When you add a program, Portal 365 will display a set of standard programs that you can choose from, every standard program will be accompanied by data that you can directly use in your project proposals or modify them as appropriate for your organization; additionally, you can delete them, edit them or add your own data.

You can view these data by opening the program and viewing its sub-sections. Another way of viewing them is during the process of writing the project proposal. A number of examples will appear within the framework of the program when writing the project objectives, project outcome, project outputs, project indicators and other data.

Note: The default data is available in English but you can add your data in any language you want.


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How-to: How to add data examples for project proposals in Portal365

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