When writing several project proposals within a single program you will notice a similarity in most of the program proposals. For example, indicators, activities, means of verification, and other data will be similar from one project to another within a single program.

These similarities expedite the process of writing project proposals because these data can be reused in other proposals thus reducing time and effort when writing proposals.

Portal365 allows you to write this data in advance so then the proposal writers can access them with afterward and use them when writing proposals.

Another great value that Portal365 offers, is a set of data examples for standard programs that are ready to use, you can view them if you added a standard program.

However, if you want to start fresh and add your own then add a custom program and when you need help then you may refer to our writing articles that cover each stage of grant writing process in-depth, here are quick list from the grant writing articles

  1. Project Objectives
  2. Outcomes
  3. Outputs
  4. Risks, and mitigation measures
  5. Indicators
  6. Verification methods
  7. Activities
  8. Monitoring and evaluation activities

Data examples for projects proposals in Portal365 (Activities)

Where to find the data examples for the program?

You can view the data examples by opening the program and viewing its sub-sections. Another way of viewing them is during the process of writing the project proposal.


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How-to: How to add data examples for project proposals in Portal365

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