The executive summary of the project

The executive summary of the project is usually written after the proposal is finalized, not initially, because it contains a summary of all sections of the proposal. Therefore, we complete the writing of the proposal and then we prepare the executive summary from the following information:

  • Summarize the problem in one sentence, specifically, in terms of the target location and the number of those affected or in need of intervention; count them by age, gender and geographical scope.
  • Clarify the project goal and outline where the project is designed to provide a complete solution to the problem in SMART Goals.
  • Summarize the solutions to be presented by the project: A sequential summary of major activities (by outputs) and the way that they will be followed to reach a measurable result.

Example of the executive summary

The project will improve the psychological status of 10,000 war affected children in the targeted areas by enhancing their access to safe spaces, recreational activities and psycho-social support in five communities where IDPs are located in the targeted areas.

The project will also strengthen protection procedures and mechanisms, with full participation of the community, to prevent any violations or violence by forming and training 5 protection committees and activating their role to ensure cases that need protection services are referred to service provider on a daily basis.

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