To update your NGO's information In Poratl365 you can do the following:
Click on the NGO's name or logo in the upper right corner

A list of additional options will appear, and from there click on Settings

After clicking on it, a page will show up like this

NGO information

Here you can add and update the following:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Shortcut
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Location
  • Currency
  • About us

Changing NGO's logo

To change your NGO's logo, click on Update Photo

A window will popup and allows you to choose a photo from your device

After choosing the logo it'll be uploaded to your NGO's account.


  • It's preferred to have a squared photo so it doesn't get stretched.
  • In case you got a message saying the size is too low, then try to have a photo with larger size, at least 300px × 300 px.

Changing NGO's information

In the text fields simply write your NGO information that you'd like to have in your system. For example we'll input the following data:

  1. NGO name: Peace Foundation for Development.
  2. NGO name shortcut: PFD.
  3. NGO phone number: 123456
  4. NGO email:
  5. Currency: US Dollar
  6. NGO info: Grant writing and management system for NGOs

Filtering the grants by your NGO's country allows you to focus on the grants that are eligible for the country your NGO based in, to do that click the checkbox under Description.

After changing the values click on Save so your changes can be saved.

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