1. Click on Start Free Trial to open a page contains the following:

In this page (Personal Info) fill in the following:

  • Name: (e.g.: Jone Doe.)
  • Email: (e.g.: Jone@example.com)
  • Password. Note that your password should be at least 6 digits and contains:
        - Capital letters.
        - Small letters.
        - Numbers.

Then, click Next to continue.

In this page (NGO Info) fill in the following:

  • NGO name (e.g. : Peace Foundation for Development.)
  • NGO shortcut: A shorter name for your NGO  (e.g. : PFD).
  • Country: The country in which your NGO executes its projects.

After that, click the checkboxes next to: 

  • I agree to Portal365 Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • Add me to Portal365 mailing list so I can receive marketing emails:  If you want to receive our newsletters and informing emails.

After that, click on Finish and a page will show up like this.

If a message said: "You are already registered" then you may have joined before and your email has been registered in our system; therefore, you need to login with your data, or create an account with a new email.

If the message persists even with a new email then contact us.

If the Thank you message is what you got, then go to your email inbox and look for a Confirm Email message from support that looks like this:

Tip: If you didn't find the message in the Primary tab, then look for it in the Spam, Updates, or Promotions folder in your email account.

If you didn't receive the message then try to send it again by clicking the dark button shown above: Resend Email.

When you receive the message, open it and click on the Confirm Email button:

After clicking the button, the login page with show up requiring the email and password for your account. Fill your information and click on the login button as follows:

After that, the system should log you in and your account interface may look like this:

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