Performance Objectives

They are the objective that you will work on within the organization during specific time periods, and you must write them to be reviewed by your supervisor and then you performance will be evaluated according to the achievement of those objectives.

Adding performance objectives

To add you performance objectives in Portal365, click on the organization's name or logo in the top right of the page

A list of additional options will appear, and from there click on View 

A page with the following sections will appear on the right:

  • Profile.
  • Performance Objectives.
  • Documents.
  • Change Password.

Click on Performance Objectives on the right of the page to open it as follows:

Click Add Plan to add a plan in which you'll write your objective.
Specify the plan's title, start date, and end date as follows:

After adding your plan it'll show up in the table as follows:

Click on the plan title so it open it's page as follows:

In this page you can write your objectives for your plan by clicking on Add Objective as follows:

After writing your objective click on Save and a new form will show up to write the tasks and competencies needed to achieve that objective as follows:

You can start adding your tasks and competencies using the plus sign (+) and then it'll look something like this:

Reviewing performance objectives

Portal365 allows you as user to review and comment on your performance objectives and it allows your supervisor to approve your review or make his/her own.
To open the reviews page, click on the Reviews tab in the performance objectives page as follows: 

To add a review click on Add Review and a window will popup, in this window you can write the general feed back you have on the objective being reviewed

After that, click save and this review will be added to the reviews page as follows:

To do a detailed review with rating click on the text under the code section (Review-1 Apr06 2020) and a new page will show up and there you can add the rating for each task and add your comment and your supervisor comment can be add there as well.

After adding these information click on Save then on Back and you'll see the new rating is set in the table as follows:

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