These are your files that you want to save to the system for easy reference, and these documents may be

  • Periodic reports.
  • Lists of donors.
  • Documentary photos.
  • And other files.

To access this page on Portal 365, click on the organization's name or logo in the top left of the page

A list of additional options will appear, and from there click on View Profile

A page with the following sections will appear on the right:

  • Profile.
  • Performance Objectives.
  • Documents
  • Change Password

Clicking on the documents to the left of the page to open it as follows:

Click on Add New Document to add a new document and specify the name that you want it to appear and then click Browse to choose a file from your device as follows:

Note that the allowed file types are the following:

  • Wordpress doc, docx.
  • Powerpoint ppt, pptx.
  • Excel xls, xlsx.
  • Pdf.
  •  Images jpeg, png.

So if you add a video file for example, the system will not accept it.
After saving the file it will be displayed in the system as follows.

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