Password Reset:

If you do not remember your password and cannot log in to Portal 365, click on Password Recovery at the bottom of the login page as follows:

A page will appear asking you to write your email as follows:

After writing your email, press Send to send a message to your mail, through which you can recover the password as follows:

By clicking on the button in the email, you will be taken to the new password page as follows:

Type your new password in the upper field and type it again in the lower field after that click Reset and you will be taken to your account and you can now access it via the new password.

Password Change:

If you remember the current password and want to change it, click on the NGO's name or logo in the top right of the page.

A list of additional options will appear, and from there click on View Profile

A page with the following sections will appear on the right:

  • Profile.
  • Performance Objectives.
  • Documents. 
  • Change Password.

Click on Change Password on the left side of the page to open a window that enables you to type the current password and the new password as follows:

  • In the current field, type your current password.
  • In the new field, type the new password.
  • In the confirm field, type the new password again.

Then click on Save.

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